published by pesda press in 2024

Everything you could possibly need to know

Climbing your first mountain might feel a daunting challenge but with this book you can make it happen. Perhaps all you’ve managed so far is a walk to the park or a bimble around the local countryside but now have aspirations to go further and higher. Maybe you’re a parent wanting to take the family on a weekend adventure; or you’ve signed up for a charity challenge to climb Ben Nevis, or Kilimanjaro, or to Everest Base Camp! If you’ve been put off heading into the hills for fear of getting lost, or not knowing what to take with you, or because you’re not sure where to go or simply don’t know where to start, this book is your answer.

224 pages jam packed with essential mountain knowledge

11 route maps and guides for your first mountain climb

High quality, familiar Ordnance Survey mapping

Published in 2024 with all the latest mountain news and information

Clothing & Equipment

What to wear on your mountain day is one of the most asked questions. Getting it wrong can spoil your day, or possibly lead to much worse.

Walking with Children

Children love being outdoors, and the added achievement of reaching the top of a mountain should make for an even more enjoyable day out.

Popular Mountain Challenges

If you’re looking for something to aspire to (or maybe you’ve already signed up to one), there are several popular UK mountain challenges.

Route Guides and Maps

All the routes are designed for beginners who may not have any more outdoor experience than simply reading the book.
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